Preparing to buy a home in Montreal home Evaluation

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Preparing to buy a home in Montreal home Evaluation


VISUALIZE YOUR DREAM HOME  The best way to save time and energy is to write down everything you are looking for in a new home. Let your imagination go. Then, call Ron to discuss your goals.

After you create your "wish list," prioritize each item. Picture your family's everyday activities and habits. This will give you a clearer picture of the home that best suits your needs. 

PUT THE PIECES TOGETHER  Analyze the locations and the neighborhoods you are considering. Ron can provide information on school systems, taxes, shopping centers, and cultural activities. 

PRE-QUALIFY & PRE-APPROVAL  To save yourself time and possible disappointment, Ron always recommends using a qualified mortgage broker for pre-approval and clarification of your personal financial options before you start house hunting. Find out your mortgage limit and your down payment requirements. A pre-approval is a guarantee that you can qualify for financing to a maximum purchase price and loan amount.